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To make a positive difference in the lives of the people and places in which we do business.

It was June 2004 when Glenn turned his entrepreneurial attentions to property investment. His very first deal showed him that that there was serious money to be made if you knew what you were doing. Glenn’s first deal was well below market value and was a “perfect” deal; he negotiated on a property worth £60k and bought it for £30k, renting it back to the owner who still leases off him to this day!
Glenn’s Top Tips for Would-Be Property Investors are:

  • Don’t get carried away on buy-to-let refurbishments, examine your target market and do the refurbishments in accordance with this market rather than your personal tastes.
  • Buy in the right area – a maximum of 1 hour from where you live. This is to avoid a scatter-gun approach.
  • Choose your buying criteria and stick to it, focus on your cash flow and not capital appreciation.







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